Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kodai Temple (Ruobing)

I checked online (at this Chinese language website). The place where Onene is enshrined is Kodai temple (高台寺). I found out that Onene became a nun after Hideyoshi died and spent rest of her life in Kodai Temple. Kodai Temple is a famous temple in Kyoto. It is easy to find by Google Map. I took Keihan train and got off at Gionshijo (祇園四条). Then, I walked along with Hanamikoji (花見小路). There are lots of instruction to show guest about the direction of Kodai Temple. It was surrounded by forests.

This temple was established in 1605 by Onene in memory of her husband Hideyoshi. Also, this temple has been designated “Important Cultural Properties” by Japanese government. This temple was once ravaged by fires around 1789, but remained buildings have been preserved well by the government.

This is the backyard of Kodai Temple.

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