Monday, October 3, 2016

The day in Senshu Park (Millie)

If you don not walk out, you will think that this is the whole world. Firstly, thank Furukawa Sensei for giving me this great opportunity to explore the Akita City. (Because I’m too lazy to go out to travel city nearby = =) Secondly, a day off for national holiday in Japan is really cool! Thirdly, the autumn in Akita is beautiful and enough to attract people.

The Autumnal Equinox, the length of day is exactly equal to the length of night, becomes the national holiday in Japan. I decided the use this day to explore the Akita city (the Senshu Park) and finish my homework. It is not easy for students in AIU to go to the city. We need to take the bus first, and change the JR train to arrive there. It is the first day when I waiting the train in this local station – Wada Eki. Although it looks old and small, this is the only way we can go to the other places.
Wada Eki, photo by Millie
Only two stops from Wada Eki to Akita station but I wait nearly 40 minutes in the station. Finally, I arrived in Akita City. It is interesting that there are lots of different stamps for each city or scenic spots/historic sites in Japan. And all of them are cute and special, I love collect them!
Cute stamps in Akita Station, photo by Millie
The downtown area in Akita is not very big. It took only 10 minutes from Akita Station on foot to the Senshu Park. The Senshu Park is based on ruins of Kubota Castle, which is my today’s destination. To across the street, the sides of the road are lined with tress; I see the entrance of the park.
Senshu Park Gate, photo by my friend
Maybe it’s autumn, the park is quite empty in this season. However, when I slowly walk into it, I see the front gate of Kubota Castle which is another scene to me. This wooden gate with tiled roof stood at the front gate is protecting the former Kubota Castle.
Front gate of Kubota Castle, photo by Millie
The Kubota Castle (Osumiyagaura Turret) will come into view as visitors walk inside the front gate and climb a few stairs. The Kubota Castle was home to the Satake family which ruled Akita during the 1600s. This building is served as a weapon depot at that time. Both of the front gate of the castle and the Kubota Castle experienced reconstruction several times. When I went into the Castle, there are several elderly men sitting in front of the small screen to watch the introduction documentary. The short movie introduces the belief history of this territory. Even in the second floor of the Castle, I see the model of the ancient city of Akita. That’s reminded me of the reading which we read last week, the history is always near to our life and we all respect them.
Kubota Castle, photo by Millie
Observation gallery, photo by Millie


Hannah said...

Those stamps are super cute, I haven't seen anything like them in my area. How many are there, could you collect them all? :)

Emma said...

It looks like you had a much longer journey than I did to get to your destination, but the Castle looks really cool. Was it fun to explore? I can't really get a sense of how big the Castle/Akita is!

Ethan Rosa said...

Kubota Castle looks really pretty, I'd love to go. Japanese castles are awesome. (btw I think I've seen simillar stamps at certain places in the area.)