Monday, October 17, 2016

Daily Consumption in AIU (Millie)

In the student hall first floor, there is the only one store on campus, named “AIU SHOP.” Nearby, the café which called “College Café” is the only place you can read here in a quiet afternoon with a cup of good coffee. These places become my favorite places in AIU.
AIU SHOP, photo by Millie
I fell in love with the Japanese snacks when I went to “Mitsuwa” (Japanese style supermarket) for the first time in Chicago. Since that time, every time I go there, I will buy a big box of snacks. It is so lucky for me to come to japan. Even if I can’t often go to the supermarket (because AIU located in the rural area) to buy snacks, I am still able to get a lot in AIU shop. For me, AIU shop is more like a convenient store, I can buy my food here for daily: the onigiri (rice ball), sandwiches, and even the box set. Especially, I love the onigiri most!! I don't know why, but the onigiri made at the AIU shop is better than any other one I’ve ever eaten. I have already had this for several weeks for my breakfast. (^ ^)
Onigiri, photo by Millie
College Café is close to the AIU shop, I usually buy an onigiri from AIU shop and then order a cup of cappuccino in the Café to start my new day. If you are lucky, you can even hear the band practice (two practice studios located opposite the café) in front of you. It’s also a good place to chat with friends, do some individual studies, and meet the group members, etc.

College cafe, photo by Millie
I’m looking for ways to provide relief and comfort when facing this unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, these two places offer a new space for me to blend with this new environment.


Hannah said...

Cafe kind of sounds like Java Joint back in Beloit, haha ^^ Sounds like it's a really relaxing place

Emma said...

I wish RIkkyo had a cafe like that! We do have a Tully's on campus, but there are only like 5 tables so it's not the best place to study.

Ethan Rosa said...

Your school cafe sounds way cozier than the places on my campus. They're a little too crowded and noisy to relax, its nice that you have a place like that.