Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Daily Routine of My Life at KGU (Ruobing)

Enjoying a matcha parfait.

The second school cafeteria, ICC, plays an important role in my daily life. This is an exquisite and lovely Italian restaurant that provide lunch, dinner and variety of dessert. At the afternoon without any class, I would like to go to ICC for a afternoon tea and do some readings. After the tea time, my friends mostly finish their class, and we will gather here to have dinner together.

The way that ICC sells lunch is quite interesting, they use a vending machine. The lunch menu is simple, which include Pasta A&B:

Pizza A&B, Hamburger steak:

and lunch special:

The lunch special will change daily but rest of them will not change. After checked the menu, I will need to insert money then push the button which has been labelled by the name of food, and a lunch ticket comes out. I bring this ticket to the service table, and chef will serve me my meal and give me big smile at the same time.

I usually order hamburger steak with rice, because the steak is juicy and it is a perfect “mate” with steamed rice. If I still have time after lunch, I will order a macha and red bean parfait:

It only cost 500 yen but the satisfaction is doubled. If the weather is a little bit cold, the Darjeeling hot tea with a slice of strawberry cheese cake is also a good choice of providing a spoonful of happiness.

ICC is not only a place for eating, but also a place to observe the life of Japanese people. Japanese people in ICC are not as same as the people who you can see on the street. On the street, most of them are rushing forward with a serious face. But in ICC, I can see lots of young ladies laughing, or giggle or smiling. The time is getting slower in ICC and the air inside is even softer than outside. It is really interesting to see Japanese people to be so relax and sluggish. It obviously illustrates that Japanese people, who is known as being strict and hardworking all over the world, actually know how to enjoy the life.

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