Wednesday, September 14, 2016

To Explore My Own Way in AIU (Millie Fan)

My story started from the 7th day when I arrived in Japan. It was the day that I left Osaka to go to Akita. It meant that I have to live in Japan by myself, without any parents, relatives and friends. Suddenly, everything seems untrue and there was a new world opening for me.

The views from the plane were… fantastic? Unlike awesome cities (Tokyo, Osaka, etc) full of skyscrapers, there was a wide stretch of land spread in front of my eyes. Oh, here we go. I was nearly in Akita!
View from the Plane, by Xiyi
It only took us 10 more minutes by bus to arrive AIU. Otherwise, it also showed that AIU is not close to the downtown city. Our neighborhood is quite small; only the university can be the central landmarks. Within my first 2 days’ mapping, I nearly draw nothing on it. I always lost the way even I was walking on the campus. Actually, the campus is not that big, it has the same size like Beloit. But the buildings here almost are built look similar. The most interesting part is that there are eight buildings connect with each other, I can’t ensure not to get lost in such similar environment.
In Front of the University, by Xiyi
Map of Campus
Finally, in the weekends, I have the opportunity to explore the local area. There are only two routes to get out of this place: one to the Akita city, another to the shopping mall. Due to the large areas in Akita city, the students prefer shopping mall to buying daily things. Of course, the shopping mall is very big so that it can satisfy almost everything you need. The mall becomes the area which I “mastered” in the weekends. By the way, the shopping mall only 10 minutes by taking bus.  ^6^
The Shopping Mall, by Xiyi
After 2 weeks (now), I am able to know all the ways on campus. I won’t get lost any more. In addition, occasionally I go into the “Akita Central Park”, the park which faces our school across the street. The park has lots of playgrounds, basketball courts and even a baseball field. If there are nobody walks with me, I won’t get into there. The park is too big for me which I afraid to lost myself again; it’s can be the “great unknown” place in Akita areas.
Akita Central Park, by Xiyi
Sadly, I haven’t been to Akita city yet. I hope it is the other wonderful place (except the mall) for all the international students here. However, as an inhabitant, I no longer be confused in this rural place. I am gradually familiar with my new school, my friends and even my professors. I think this is a new beginning for me in Akita, in Japan.


Hannah said...

That mall looks like a fun place to explore! If/when I visit Akita I'll definitely have to check it out.

Emma said...

Wow Akita looks beautiful! I'm jealous of the park because as far as I can find there aren't any nice parks within walking distance of my dorm.

Ethan Rosa said...

It looks like theres a lot more nature in Akita than where I am. I'd love to explore that kind of place. I imagine its much different from exploring a big city.