Friday, September 4, 2015

Leaving for Japan (Eliza)

As I set out on this journey I am a bit nervous to be flying to a foreign country by myself.  I’ve been abroad before, and I’ve flown by myself before, but I’ve never gone abroad by myself.  I’m also worried about the upcoming Japanese placement test.  Will I do well?  What if I can’t remember something I actually know and end up in too low a level?  Even though I’ve been studying all summer, I plan to study more on the plane and after I arrive if there is time.

Another thought on my mind is the dorm that I will be staying in for the first week.  What does it look like?  Will it be comfortable?  What will my roommate or roommates be like?  At least I’ll only be there a week so it won’t be too bad if I don’t get along with them.  Still hoping for the best though.  While I was thinking about people my mind wandered slightly to the problem of making friends.  That is something that doesn’t usually come easily to me.  I would hate to be an unsociable shut-in while in one of the best places in the world.  There are so many places in Japan that I want to go to, but I wouldn’t be comfortable going to them by myself.  I have thus resolved to try a bit harder to make friends and overcome my awkwardness around strangers.  So then my mind has gone full circle, returning to the original worry of flying abroad by myself and all the problems that could occur along the way before I arrive at the school.

Seminar House for orientation week.

Most of my worries will surely go away, and most of them will turn out not to be something I needed to worry about.  That’s how it usually goes.  I’m sure my nervousness will go away while I’m flying into Japan.  Everything will sort itself out and I anticipate a wonderful semester abroad.

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