Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walking in Japan (Ruobing)

I think that I’m luckier compared with other school mates, because I have studied abroad in the US for two and half years. This special experience let me brave enough to go to Japan, where is similar with my mother land. I’m from China, and I expect to go to Japan without any doubt. I still remember the first time I arrived in the Chicago, I was excited and worried, because America is the country with plenty of differences with my own country, even it is located at the other side on the Earth with opposite time. I have had get over lots of difficulties and troubles. There are some problems that I can tell, there also some difficulties which I don’t know how to tell. After being through these stories in US, I’m totally confident to welcome the new start in Japan.

I’m expected to study, no doubt, more Japanese and Japanese culture. I’m a fan of Japanese Art, I will learn as much Japanese Art as I can if I have the chance. Also, I’m expected to travel around in Japan, to experience how the view will change across the island. I have a friend in Nagoya,  so that it’s the first place I’m planing to go.

I can’t wait to go to Japan. Wish me luck with everything.


Reid said...

Do you think that having the experience of studying in a foreign country before is making it easier to adjust to Japan? I know that I have no idea what to expect in terms of adjustment since it's my first extended period of time outside of the U.S.

Also, are you noticing any similarities between everyday life in China and Japan?

Hope you had a good time in Nagoya! I plan on heading there next month.

Robin said...

Sorry for replying you late.
Yes, it is much easier for me to fit in Japan than in US. I know the pattern to fit into a new environment. There are lots of similarities between China and Japan, such as the Kanji, lol. I don't have to know the reading of each word but to understand the meaning.

Have fun in Nagoya.

Ruobing Xu said...

By the way, 名古屋の名物は色々なカツです。

Jonah Shlaes said...


Looking back at this old post, it's really interesting to see this kind of adjustment attitude towards going to Japan. Where most of the rest of us international students are worried about the adjustment, I never imagined the other way of going back to a familiar sort of culture. I know this is extremely late, but after all this time do you think you ended up as comfortable as you thought you'd be in the beginning?

Ruobing Xu said...

I feel that Japan's social environment is not only traditional East Asian culture but combined western habits and eastern philosophy at the same time. I think that I fit in this environment better than I thought before. Actually, my experience in Japan is beyond my expectation. To be honest, I don't want to go back to Beloit, lol.