Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Limited Knowledge of the Area (Eliza)

Day 2

Even after being here for almost three weeks I still hardly know the area at all.  My map from the end of the second week is pretty much the same as if I were to draw another one today.  While I can find my way in any city as long as I have an actual map, it always takes me a long time to remember a new area.  My first map has hardly anything on it but I’m surprised I could even do that much.  (second day picture) The difference between my first two maps and my third one is the addition of my new accommodations.  Even though I have walked around quite a few times since moving into my homestay, my mental map of the area hardly has any details at all.  (second week picture)  I haven’t mastered any area of the city yet and it will be a while before I do.  The longer I am here the clearer and more detailed my map will get, but it will be a slow process.  Even when I leave Japan it is unlikely that I will know the whole city, still this will be a great chance to improve my mental mapping skills.
Week Two

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