Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Little Mind Map (Ari)

Despite Akita’s rural situation, there are still so many places that I yearn to explore. AIU’s campus in itself is full of many hidden wonders -- I am always surprised with how many new nature trails I keep running into, and how many wild animals I have met in passing.

I met this little guy at the front door of the student center. Don't worry -- he was by no means aggressive.
A Japanese friend of mine took me here. It's a sacred natural well that neighbors a Shinto shrine. I hope to return here one day.
I have also familiarized myself with the Aeon (pronounced as “eon”) a little too well. After all, it is the easiest point to access when traveling by bus. Everything I could possibly want and need is there, so it is a good place to run errands. Sometimes, when I know that the bus that returns to campus is a ways off, I find a good spot to sit back and people watch. It’s enjoyable to observe what people are wearing, doing, saying, and buying.

So far, I have been to downtown Akita a total of two times. Every Sunday, there is a free bus that goes from the Aeon mall to the Akita train station. This train station is the heart of the my own map. Facing the. . . south, I believe? . . . is a variety of shops and restaurants, meeting a river swarmed with lotus flowers at the map’s edge. I have only driven by this river, but I long to see it and its lotuses again.

Currently, my preferred destination is a small ramen shop, no farther than a block or two from the train station. I happened upon this place purely by chance -- some former friends and I were looking for dinner before going to karaoke, and we chose this humble, inexpensive eatery. It was only until today, when I tagged along with a few Japanese friends, that I found out that this place was locally famous. I would like to visit that place at least once a week. Who knows, maybe the chefs will start to recognize me. 
Home to the best fried rice and ramen I will ever taste in my entire life.


Reid said...

I also have an Aeon about a 10-minute walk from my dorm, and agree that it is an amazing store. Do you think having such a convenient place nearby may keep you from exploring the area further? I know that I've not ventured past the area where the Aeon near me is yet, simply because I haven't had the need to.

Anonymous said...

Aeon sells the best bad English children's clothing, hands down.

Sarah said...

Between the Akita campus and downtown Akita is it mostly just country side houses? I'm interested because my area is mostly just houses and then Hirakata city. Is there more open green space there?