Monday, September 21, 2015

Mind Map of My lovely Neighbourhood (Ruobing)

Opening ceremony at Kansai Gaidai.
To be honest, I become lazy and want to quit school when the day is sunny in Hirakata. Please do not judge me before I explain it. Actually, my laziness is reasonable. Firstly, it takes me around 30 minutes to walk to campus, and secondly, I will sweat too much after this kind of morning exercise to have a good day. Thus, I learned two things from these two weeks that I should never trust the weather broadcast but only look out of my window to visually predict the temperature, moreover, the sunshine is actually reminding me of thinking carefully about which path should I choose for going to campus.

My map.
At the first two days (the pink line in my map), I followed the big road which is passing the central library. Then, I found out that I can rarely find any shadow in the morning along this road because it has lots of flat space. After two days, I almost killed by the big sun so that I explore the other road (the orange line). 

My lovely neighbourhood.
It is a small path across the neighbourhood, and the bushes and short trees along this small road which are using as the fence between each house provide me lots of shadow. This shortcut is end at a corner with a shrine. Also, there are so many old people live in this area and we always greeting with each other in the morning. 
Rainy scene from the bus window.
Moreover, I explore the area around the campus and I found several conbini store and fast Japanese food restaurant. At the first weekend of September, I went to Nagoya to visit my friends, this led me to explore the way to travel further in Japan. I ate a lot (see below) and had a lot of fun.

It is easy for me to consider myself as a part of this environment. For example, every time when I obey the traffic rule, the moment I pay in the conbini store, or the struggle that I have when I try to throw my trash. This neighbourhood is so lovely that I have to behave as well as I can to treat it back.

Kansai Gaidai at sunset.